You’re mine, all MINE!!!

A Spanish woman says she now owns the sun after she filed papers with lawyers at her home at Vigo Galicia in Spain. Angela Duran, 41, said: “International law forbids anyone to claim a planet, but nobody ever said anything about stars and the sun is a star.

“I checked and found that despite all the people buying stars no-one had purchesed the Sun in our solar system and, as it was free, I decided to take it…

My lawyer laughed when I filed my claim but he checked with the officials that register such things and discovered it was possible.

“I now have a certificate that says I am the owner of the sun, described as a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from earth of about 149,600,000 miles …’.”

“I am trying to have it recognised internationally. Then I plan to make a tax for solar power users.” She added: “I will use 50 per cent for a sun state budget, 20 per cent for solar pensioners, another 20 per cent for research and health and 10 per cent to end hunger on earth.”