Solar Powered Tree Lot

Buying a Christmas tree isn’t exactly the greenest thing to do for the holidays, but if you’re bent on carrying out the tradition then you might want to check out a new trend that is greening up tree lots…beyond the piles of conifers, that is. Stellar Solar has provided its Mobile Solar Station to power two San Diego Purdy Farms Christmas Tree lots, helping to run much of the lot on renewable energy, including the lights and the electric chainsaws used to trim the trunks.

It’s easy to forget that along with the carbon footprint of the trees themselves, tree lots are also a drain. Using these solar stations will help minimize the impact of at least a few lots, and hopefully the idea will catch on in sunnier states…

Stellar Solar is proud of its contribution and states that “It’s the first known use of solar to power a Christmas tree lot and certainly the first San Diego solar power lot.”

Kent Harle, founder and President of Stellar Solar, added, “We are always looking for innovative ways to utilize our Mobile Solar Station. Powering the Purdy Christmas tree lots is a great way to do that in a unique location and expose a whole new audience to the practical use of solar power. It makes sense given that they used solar power to grow these trees in the first place.”

Solar power is indeed practical for a lot of situations that are often over looked. From Christmas tree lots to powering festivals themselves, mobile solar power stations like these can be a big help for keeping events off grid,