top15 names for 2010

It’s that time of year again: 100 most popular baby names of 2010.

The top 15 of each flavor are listed above. However certain names…

John came in at #49, and continues to decline in popularity.

And this Palinesque note:

Is the public face of the Tea Party influencing our baby name choices? You betcha. While the name Sarah itself is in decline, Palin’s daughters’ names – Bristol,Willow, and Piper – are moving on up.

Bristol enjoyed an 18 percent rise to 532, Willow is now at 245 (a 16 percent gain from last year), and Piper missed cracking the top 100 by just one point.

Palin’s sons’ names, on the other hand – Track and Trig – fared less well in the baby name arena. Both languish in relative obscurity below 4,000. We suppose these names are just too rogue!

100 most popular baby names of 2010.

via J-Walk Blog