Ecosia is the green friendly search engine

Some incredible news about the success of its first year comes from Ecosia — the search engine site which committed to donating 80% of its profits to a green cause announced it managed to contribute a whopping $160,000 to WWF’s Jureuena rainforest project in Brazil during Ecosia’s very first year of operation. Amazing!

“We’re really excited about the participation of users all over the world,” said Ecosia‘s founder Christian Kroll in a press release. “It’s been great to see what we can achieve when everybody makes a small change in the way they surf the web.”

When Treehugger wrote about Ecosia way back in December of last year, noting that “so far they’ve saved 24,406 square yards of rainforest so far with 8,884 incoming searches, most of which were generated yesterday after their debut.”

Well, as of this writing, the stats on Ecosia’s site show that they rocketed up to saving an equivalent of 281,509,737 yd² of rainforest through 118,401,286 searches. The company has managed to earn just over $205,000 this year through ad clicks, of which just over $164,000 has been donated to WWF.

If that’s not incredible fundraising progress by a single company, we’re not sure what is.

Congratulations, Ecosia!