Anonymous postings

A group of hackers often referred to as Anonymous have set their sights on in a recent war against those sites that have denied service to WikiLeaks…

Previous WikiLeaks-related targets of what has been dubbed “Operation Payback” (here’s a video that breaks it down) include Swiss bank PostFinance (still down for the count), which has closed the account of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, PayPal (Anon took down the blog, but it’s now operational) and Mastercard (now up and running — at least in some browsers). is now down for the count as well.

PandaLabs supplied us with the below summary of activity by Operation Payback:

  • After pulling the plug on payments to WikiLeaks, Mastercard’s website was taken down and remains out of service.
  • Senator Joe Lieberman’s website was taken down for 12 minutes (the first .gov site to be attacked).
  • Sarah Palin’s website was taken offline by a small group of Anonymous attackers.
  • The group sent spam faxes to Joe Lieberman’s office and to PostFinance.
  • PostFinance was attacked the hardest, leaving customers without the ability to conduct online banking.
  • They took down the website of the lawyer representing the two women who were allegedly raped/assaulted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
  • The group took down Assange’s Swedish prosecutor’s website.