Boulder, CO is the 3rd techiest city in the U.S.

TechAmerica Foundation is proud to present Cybercities 2010: The Definitive Analysis of the High-Technology Industry in the Nation’s Top 60 Cities. This report examines the high-tech industry in the largest metropolitan areas focusing on high-tech employment, wages, establishments, payroll, employment concentration, and wage differential.


The report also delves into the 16 sectors that comprise TechAmerica Foundation’s definition of the high-tech industry for these 60 cities.

Cybercities 2010 is a sister publication to TechAmerica Foundation’s annual Cyberstates report, which for 13 straight years has examined these high-tech industry factors across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

High-tech Employment

  • The New York metropolitan statistical area, which includes counties from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, led the nation in high-tech employment, with 317,000 tech workers in 2009, the most recent data available at the metropolitan level.
  • Washington, DC, which includes counties from three states and the District of Columbia, ranked second with 293,000 tech industry workers in 2009.
  • San Jose/Silicon Valley, the heart of the tech industry, while not as large a metro area as New York or Washington, DC, was the third largest cybercity by number of tech industry jobs. In this report, San Jose/Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Oakland are all considered to be separate cybercities.
  • Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth completed the list of the nation’s top five cybercities by employment, with 219,800 and 174,800 tech industry workers in 2009, respectively.
  • San Jose/Silicon Valley had the nation’s highest concentration of tech workers with almost one in three private sector jobs in the technology industry.
  • Huntsville ranked second by concentration of tech workers with 23 percent of its private sector workforce in the tech industry.
  • Boulder, Durham, and Palm Bay-Melbourne, FL rounded out the top five cybercities by concentration of high-tech workers with 22, 17, and 15 percent of their private sector workforce in the tech industry in 2009, respectively.

The Cybercities 2010 survey of tech employers has deemed Boulder to be the nation’s third-techiest city.

more than 21 percent of Boulder’s jobs are in the tech industry. Only San Jose, California in Silicon Valley and Huntsville, Alabama have labor forces in which tech jobs make up a greater percentage of the employment base.

The high-tech industry in Boulder employed 27,500 workers in 2009, the most current metropolitan data available. The average tech-industry worker in Boulder earned $93,600, or 79 percent more than the metropolitan area’s average private sector wage.

Boulder’s largest high-tech sector was computer systems design and related services, which employed 5,700 workers, according to the report.

The number of tech jobs in Boulder actually decreased by 2,500 jobs, or 8 percent, from the year before, the report found.

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Via TechAmerica Foundation and Boulder County Business Report