Electromagnetic Railgun

In 2025, how does the Navy envision it’ll be combatting insurgents and terrorists in hostile regions? By shooting them down from over 100 miles away with electromagnetic railguns that can approach targets in six minutes.



The last time the Navy set a world record for firing a slug from its railgun was in 2008 and that was from a distance of 13 miles away. Today, it’s from over 100 miles away — quite a large jump in such a short amount of development time.

Assisted by GPS systems, the Navy’s railgun can shoot “non-explosive bullets at several times the speed of sound” at “speeds up to Mach 7” with pinpoint accuracy. When can we start launching spaceships into space with these charged up slides?

The Navy hopes to get its railgun to fire from over 200 miles by the time it’s ready for operation. According to Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr, Jr., the chief of Naval Research, railguns cost much less than conventional missiles and make for more strategic warfare options.

We’re all for anything that will save more troops.

Via Dvice