It’s snowing in Wisconsin, today. A lot. About an hour ago, I took the trash out, and came back to the house with a snow line around my knees. And it’s still coming down.

That’s all fine, though. What I’m really dreading is tomorrow, when I have to shovel it all up. Increasingly, I find my fancy turned toward the wovel—a ridiculous-looking piece of hand-powered machinery, that’s supposed to help you clear a sidewalk easily, without the lower back pain*…

I’m intrigued, and may have to end up buying and reviewing one of these things later this winter. In the meantime, do any of you own one? Is it as fabulous as they say? It came out in 2005 and has since inspired a ton of YouTube fan videos. I chose this one because the guy is woveling in shorts, for some reason.

*I’ve already decided that a gas-powered snow blower isn’t an option. A) I just don’t feel like owning yet another fossil-fuel burning contraption. B) I live on a hill in the middle of a block and am equally uninterested in hauling a snow blower up and down the slope.