Just in time for the holidays, Greenpeace has released a Creative Commons-licensed, free, print-and-play game that satirizes and dramatizes the Greenpeace fight brewing against big oil in the Arctic…

If you’re the oil company you’ll need to head straight for deep water. Sure it’s risky, but that’s where the money is. Set aside those moral scruples and go for the money. Do try and avoid the endangered species though, if any species becomes extinct, the PR backlash could shut you down and it’s game over for both sides. If you’re playing as Greenpeace you need to protect the ocean by setting up marine reserves. You can slow the oil companies down with direct actions (like occupying their rigs) but it’s the creation of marine reserves that will finally end their deep sea drilling ambitions.

Of course this isn’t just a game. The world’s oil companies really are trying to drill in some of the riskiest and most environmentally sensitive areas in the world. Marine reserves – think national parks at sea – really are the answer. World Park Antarctica is closed to industry because you helped us win the campaign to protect it. There’s no reason we can’t do the same in the Arctic, where oil companies are licking their lips as, without a trace of irony, they welcome the shrinking of the ice caps due to climate change. See, retreating ice frees up more places they can drill for oil. Unfortunately that will lead to more climate change. You see the problem here. We like to call this humanity’s “Stupid Test.”

Free “print & play” game: Big Oil Vs Greenpeace to save the Arctic