The demo video shows a man controlling a floating hand to ‘interact’ with video game characters.

It really was only a matter of time.

For while Microsoft’s innovative Kinect controller was designed for family fun it has already been hacked so it can be used in a different way entirely: sex.


A firm that makes hardcore interactive pornography has hacked Microsoft’s innovative Kinect controller to create a game where users can pretend to grope women.

Kinect uses a camera and infra-red sensor to detect arm, leg and body movements, instantly translating them into onscreen action.

Once switched on the infra-red sensor sweeps the room and identifies around 20 different body points on a person. Depending on the game, it translates body movements into action on the screen.

Now thriXXX, a company based in Austria, has developed a demonstration video showing how the controller can be used as part of an interactive sex game.

The video shows players can use their hands to directly ‘interact’ with scantily-clad female characters on screen who squirm around in apparent ecstasy. ThriXXX intends to have controllable male characters in the finished game.

The YouTube video of the game became an internet viral this week before it was taken off the website.


The company, which sells 3D interactive sex games like ‘3D Sexvilla,’ ‘Fetish3D’ and ‘3DLesbian,’’ is just one of the many hackers who have been reprogramming the Kinect device so it can be used in a number of unique – and unsavoury – ways.

Brad Abram, vice president of business development for thriXXX, told ABC: ‘It became another avenue for us to explore the game. We didn’t know where this was going to go but publicity yesterday brought our five servers down to their knees.’

Eventually the firm wants the Kinect option to form part of its 3DSexvilla game, which lets players choose avatars for themselves and then select scenes and partners to act out their fantasies.

His firm intend to have a working version of the game available for download by April next year.

Microsoft said in a statement: ‘This isn’t the first example of a technology being used in ways not intended by its manufacturer, and it won’t be the last.

‘Microsoft did not authorise or license its technology for this use. Xbox is a family friendly games and entertainment console and does not allow Adults Only (AO) content to be certified for use on its platform, and would not condone this type of game for Kinect.’

If the game does not get approval from Microsoft to licence the Kinect software, the firm intends to find a loophole to get round it – perhaps by dealing directly with the hardware suppliers.

Pornography and technology have a long history together. Pornography helped VHS win the war with Betamax in the 1970s as it was easier to make and distribute with the format.

And the rapid development of online video on the internet was driven by the urge for consumers to access pornography online.

Via Daily Mail