Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort or SCENICC

With an intention to see how best they can equip the soldier of tomorrow, Pentagon’s mad science agency DARPA has on December 22 unveiled the Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort or SCENICC – a wearable helmet attached eye-gear that’s a set of cameras capable of capturing a kilometer-wide, 360-degree images viewable in 3D by the soldier laden with the eye wear. Wearing this gadget that scan objects a kilometer away and inform the soldiers of any danger, would allow the soldier to see anything from right behind him to everything in front by zooming in and creating stereoscopic/binocular system providing 10x zoom to both eyes, this, all hands-free by a pre-programming adjustable focus.


Besides capturing a kilometer-wide, 360-degree view, the eye wear provides the user with Full Sphere Awareness that provides battle critical information including muzzle flash detection, projectile tracking and object recognition/labeling to extract information. The Stereoscopic/binocular system further adds 10x zoom to both eyes so that the soldier can pre-program commands, adjust focus and command the integrated weapon to lock the gun on your target when acquired.

What to expect:
In the benefits of the Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort, DARPA vision to add spice with the possibility of providing the soldiers with Terminator vision. Now, this may be a vague term, what DARPA expects is to include the eye wear with hi-res computer enhanced imagery and other task oriented non-image data like mission data overlays, threat warnings/alerts, targeting assistance to make things all the more easy for the soldier on in the core.

What not to expect:
While it will take time before we can see how the eye-wear squares off on the war front when soldiers actually play around with the SCENICC for their advantage, but for now what remains to be known from DARPA is how the system’s networked optics would work in low-bandwidth areas at war. The SCENICC is supposed to be networked; but it caters to no communications requirements for soldiers to talk each other and optics are sharing with each other.

Wrap up:
The advanced in digital imaging eye wear offering 360-degree vision across a kilometer at hands-free 10x zoom besides mapping software, hi-res computer enhanced imagery and weapon control will surely be a great utility for soldiers who would become hawks in the war zone.

Via Gizmowatch