This machine is somehow able to fill plastic beer cups by pouring beer up from underneath. Is it magic, is it science, or are you just really really drunk?  As it turns out, it’s science, although you may also be really really drunk.


Each cup has a big hole at the bottom that’s sealed with a flat circular magnet. The machine pops the magnet up and fills the cup with beer from underneath, and when it retracts, the magnet in the cup seals the hole. For you, the impatient and thirsty customer, this means a better beer-to-foam ratio delivered faster with less mess, plus hey, free magnet!

This system is obviously going to increase the price of the cups, but the idea is that companies will buy ads on the magnets to help offset that. And as you can see, this machine is damn fast on the pour, and faster pouring means more beer sold.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to start enjoying some holiday spirits myself.

Via Dvice