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Plastic Surgery Disasters Have Spread To The Genitalia

Apparently more and more Australian women are unhappy with the appearance of their genitalia. This is according to psychologist Frances D’Arcy-Tehan who also found that 75 per cent of the 800 women she surveyed were none too keen for anyone else, including their partners, to see their genitalia either.

Indeed, so uncomfortable have many of us become with our slightly dangly bits that almost half admitted they would consider going under the knife. Goodness. Isn’t it enough that the Brazilian tore strips off our map of Tassie, now we’re being told to get rid of the folds as well…

If I sound flippant, dear reader, forgive me. I’m still reeling from the news, as reported in The Age earlier this month. And here’s why. In addition to the above findings, D’Arcy-Tehan listened to the women, aged 18 to 80, telling her again and again that the look and odour of their “pink bits” worried them no end.

When they described their private parts, words such as ”unattractive”, ”inadequate” and ”repulsive” were common. And the women’s yardstick for normal? Online porn sites. There’s certainly distortion at work here, but it has less to do with the state of our hapless genitals and more to do with what’s going on upstairs.

We can’t pile all the blame into porn’s corner, either. Women’s magazines have long been obsessed with our vaginas, but in the past few years they’ve become positively transfixed by the “designer” variety. And, not surprisingly, it’s in the US that the demand for genital cosmetic surgery procedures has gone through the roof.