Nylstar, specialist in polyamide 6.6 fibers and yarns for more than 80 years, has lately introduced a new luxury fiber called Nylgold, which they say is going to represent a new era in textiles – the era of dermawear. The Nylgold luxury fiber features 24-carat gold nanostructures, and offers permanent and effective care of the skin. It was launched at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics held in October at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China. Raul Gonzalez, head of marketing and international strategic development at Nylstar, said… (Video)


Nylgold is for the very top end of the market – it represents a combination of luxury, beauty, and anti-ageing through its protection of the skin. The fiber has been designed for use by high-end brands which have special design capabilities.

The Nylgold integrates the NYG nanosystem, a new breakthrough in nanotechnology with biological properties. Nylgold’s use of nanoparticles offers anti-oxidant, moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits for products made with the new fiber.


For now, Nylstar has its focus on the underwear market, and there are plans to use the luxury gold fiber in active wear, T-shirts, stockings, socks, therapeutical wear, wellness wear and shapewear.

Via Bornrich