What is your Tweet value?

A trio of researchers from MIT, the University of Southampton and Georgia Tech have put together an online study/app called “Who Gives a Tweet?” that aims to give people feedback on their tweets and gather info on what tweets people are likely to enjoy.

“Mainstream media continually complains that Twitter is full of useless dreck — but it’s not, at least not to its users,” says Michael Bernstein, MIT researcher and co-founder of Who Gives a Tweet?

“But, we don’t really have a great sense of what it is that people value in their feeds. Is it news and links? Opinions? What ways do people tweet that inevitably just anger their followers? And more, how would a stranger who doesn’t know you see your feed, in comparison to someone who already follows you?” he adds.

That’s the purpose of the study, which Bernstein recently launched with Paul André from Southampton andKurt Luther from Georgia Tech.

Getting in on the action — and getting your own tweets rated — is simple. Just visit the Who Gives a Tweet? website, sign in via Twitter, rate a couple of your friends’ tweets, and wait as strangers (courtesy of Amazon’s Mechanical) rate yours (as well as any friends who have already used the service).

After a while, you’ll receive a DM with your results, which will reveal just how boring — or riveting — you are to friends and strangers alike. Admittedly, my results were mixed. Lesson learned: Stop randomly posting links to Twitter sans context.

Bernstein and Co. are hoping to take the results they gather from Who Gives a Tweet? and turn it into academic research. Granted there’s already tons of appsApps and studies out there that gauge Twitter prowess, but it’s certainly interesting to see a handful of individual tweets graded by real people.

How do your tweets stack up?