Thinking about Justin Bieber at least once a month.

Just when you thought “Bieber Fever” was over, Justin Bieber has decided that tampons and maxi-pads should be a reminder that he is indeed everywhere.

The 16 year old pop idol had teamed up with Kotex to design and launch his own line of femenine hygene products which will be launched exclusively at Wal-Mart…

The collection is called  “Down to Earth” and the products are named after his hits

“Stuck In The Moment” Tampons

“Never Let You Go” Maxi Pad

“Eenie Meenie” Mini Pad and “That Should Me” Disposable Douche. As weird as it may seem at first, Bieber knows what he is doing. With millions or girls obsessed over him, they would be more than willing to buy a pad or tampon just to say they had Bieber in their panties.  Kotex who is manufacturing the products is reminding consumers to remove tampons regularly to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

The feminine hygene products are just the latest in Bieber’s ever expanding series of merchandise. Girls eager to get their hands on anything having to do with the singer can buy: Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” Nail Polish, a Justin Bieber doll that plays a 30-second clip of his songs, his first book, “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story,”  and soon he will also star in a 3-D movie about his life.