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Unless you work at the Pentagon, the key locks on your desk drawers are probably easy to compromise. So with their new Covert, the folks at Quirky figured that a drawer lock can’t be picked if it can’t be found.

The sliding locking mechanism comes with adhesive tape for a temporary solution, but if you were hoping for any kind of real security you’ll want to screw them in. Once installed on the inside of a drawer the mechanism is completely invisible, and the only way to open it is with an included magnetic key that lets you slide the latch across…

Of course it’s not the perfect solution. The magnetic key is only going to work through a certain thickness of wood panel, and once the lock is discovered even a desktop toy can be used to access your drawer’s contents. But until the gig is up, you’ll have co-workers wondering what manner of sorcery is protecting your pens and sticky notes.

Quirky via TheGreenHead