Street Legal Race Car Limo Will Hit 300 MPH

Street Legal Race Car Limo Will Hit 300 MPH 

 GP Limo

What you see here is probably the most awesomest way to arrive at a senior prom that you could possibly imagine. The GP Limo was designed and built by Michael Pettipas to seat 7 people (6 passengers and an experienced driver) and you might think that providing an authentic F1 experience to his riders would be enough, but apparently it’s not. You see Michael actually wants the GP Limo to beat the Bugatti Veyron’s 253 mph record for a street legal vehicle. (Yeah, believe it or not the GP Limo is actually street legal!)

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Volitan: A Solar/Wind Powered Concept Boat


Might the Volitan presage a new generation of lightweight, fully sustainable boats? It certainly sounds good on paper: the futuristic vessel would use solid sails – equipped with double layer solar cell panels – to harness both wind and solar energy and would have an incredibly light, stiff body structure, courtesy of its carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite-made shell and carbon-foam core lamination. Its body would also have an epoxy primer coat and ultraviolet resistant coating.

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LightLane Concept Paints Laser Bike Lane


A New Bicycling Vision

American bicyclists are a wistful lot. With the encroachment of an Obama presidency, rising gas prices and a recognized recession, they imagine that America’s city streets will be reforged with dedicated bicycle lanes… and, as a bicyclist myself, I certainly hope that’s the case. Still, with bicycle lanes costing $5,000 to $50,000 a mile to install, chances are pretty damn slim at a point where the government is squeezing bailout money out of each orifice.

This Yanko concept tries to fill in the gap between Velocipede Zembla and America’s current set-up, where the only thing marking a street’s bicycle lane is a pervasive encrusting of spilled bicyclist brains.

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History of the World’s Craziest Invention – The Monowheel

History of the World’s Craziest Invention - The Monowheel

First Monowheel

A monowheel is a crazy contraption where the rider sits inside the wheel. Not to be confused with a unicycle, where the rider sits above the wheel, the monowheel is a hard to drive and hard to steer vehicle that has a unique and colorful history.  Here is a collection of some pretty amazing photos. (Pics)

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The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

 The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

High-speed photography shows the shock waves produced by the rapid acceleration of the 4-stage rocket sled.

It might make the ultimate amusement park ride, if anyone could survive. Hitting hypersonic speeds of Mach 8.5–that’s 6416 mph, in civilian terms–a 4-stage rocket sled took just 6.04 seconds to blast the more than 3-mile length of track at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

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