Sex – Monkeying Around With Partners

Bangkok: The extra-marital monkey-business of men and women could be explained by studies on gibbons which are abandoning monogamy in favour of multiple partners, a Thai researcher said today.

Studies of gibbon species in Thailand, once known to mate for life, have shown the primates moving towards multiple partners due to changes in social structures and habitat pressures.

“We discovered there is a variation from monogamy to polygamy in densely populated gibbon areas,” Sompote Srikosamart, associate professor of biology at Thailand’s prestigious Mahidol University, told AFP.

“Gibbons are primates, and they are closely related to humans”, he explained.

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Mothers Break Breastfeeding Record in California

More than 1,000 mothers and babies set a new mass breast-feeding record on Saturday in an event aimed at promoting the health benefits of nursing, organizers said.

The 1,135 mothers in Berkeley, the famously liberal university town near San Francisco, broke the Guinness record for “Most Women Breast-feeding Simultaneously” set this week by 767 women in Australia, said Ellen Sirbu, co-chairwoman of the California event.

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Dancing Pygmies Sparks Protest

An exhibit featuring singing and dancing pygmies in a small Belgian town has enraged African immigrants and sparked a protest involving some 100 people, local media reported Saturday.

Some 10 pygmies were flown in from Cameroon by a man who swears to be trying to improve their lot, but the display in the southwestern town of Yvoir has drawn criticism as a “scandalous” exploitation of human beings.

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Mass Circumcision in Kabul

Turkish troops leading the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) for Afghanistan won friends among hundreds of Afghan families Tuesday after army doctors carried out a mass circumcision of boys who had missed the important Muslim ceremony for one reason or another.

Army doctors from the prestigious Gulhame Military Medical academy in Turkey circumcised more than 90 boys Tuesday and plan to perform the operation on up to 200 others over the next two days.

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Bad Writing Award

A California woman who spends her spare time crafting slogans for lapel buttons has won the 2002 Bulwer-Lytton bad writing award for a piece which compared a faltering relationship to a balky roll of toilet paper.

Rephah Berg, of Oakland, California, beat out thousands of other entries in the contest run by San Jose State University, which for 21 years has been soliciting examples of exceptionally bad starts to imaginary novels, organizers said.

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Blind Psychic Gropes Buttocks to See Future

Forget palm-reading. A blind German psychic claimed Tuesday he could read people’s futures by feeling their naked buttocks.

Clairvoyant Ulf Buck, 39, claims that people’s backsides have lines like those on the palm of the hand, which can be read to reveal much about their character and destiny.

“The bottom is much more intense — it has a much stronger power of expression than the hand in my experience,” Buck told Reuters. “It goes on developing throughout your life.”

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Vienna’s Horse-Drawn Coaches Fit Steeds with Poop Bags

Drivers of the horse-drawn coaches that tour Vienna’s historic city centre are fitting their steeds with “nappies” in protest at steep cleaning fees, a spokesman told AFP on Wednesday.

“The cleaning costs were too high and they could not afford to pay them. If he cannot pay the fees what can he do?” said Andreas Churda, head of the association of Vienna’s horse-drawn coaches, which are known as fiakers.

Two businesses have already fitted their horses with so-called poop bags — dubbed “horse nappies” by the Austrian media.

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Company Launches Wear-Once Paper Panties

Europe’s biggest fashion retailer, Sweden’s H&M, has launched wear-once paper panties for the summer.

The panties are designed as one-size-fits-all “G-strings” and sold in small packs of three in red, green and black.

There are no paper underpants for men, but designer Camilla Thulin was quoted by tabloid Aftonbladet as saying the idea could appeal to many men.

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Tenants Sought for ‘Haunted’ Apartments

The Hong Kong Housing Authority is looking for people to rent 77 apartments widely believed to be haunted, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday.

Gruesome murders and suicides have taken place in some of the apartments, which are among 3,000 units with “unfavorable conditions” being offered to help needy families find affordable housing, the newspaper reported.

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Using Booze and Breasts to Get Voters

Czech voters are having to make some hard election choices — should they support the party offering free alcohol or the one using topless women in its campaign?

With the Christian Democrats handing out free shots of plum brandy in the Moravian town of Valasske Mezirici during a weekend election rally, the Communist party had to quickly change its strategy for a meeting in the same town square.

Soon the party had five topless women handing out campaign literature, forcing people to decide between a free shot and a free peek.

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