Beijing Newspaper Suckered into Publishing ‘Onion’ Article

Beijing’s most popular newspaper has unwittingly republished a bogus story about U.S. Congress threats to skip town for Memphis or Charlotte unless Washington builds them a new Capitol building with a retractable dome.

The source? America’s celebrated spoof tabloid, the Onion.

The Beijing Evening News, which claims a circulation of 1.25 million, translated portions of the Onion’s tall tale word-for-word in the international news page of its June 3 edition.

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Sexually Frustrated Dolphin Triggers Alert

Swimmers have been warned to stay away from a sexually frustrated dolphin off an English seaside resort after it tried to lure unwary humans out to sea in a bid to mate with them.

The Times newspaper said on Tuesday that the bottlenose dolphin, nicknamed Georges, had arrived off Weymouth, Dorset, about two months ago after following a trawler across the Channel.

“This dolphin does get very sexually aggressive. He has already attempted to mate with some divers,” U.S. marine mammal expert Ric O’Barry told the paper.

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Live in a Former Toilet — Only $200,000

A former Edwardian public toilet in south London, measuring just four meters square, is to be converted into a two-story “duplex apartment” and will be worth 135,000 pounds ($200,000), say estate agents Acorns in Lewisham.

“I don’t think the fact that it was a loo will put people off,” said an Acorns spokesman of the convenience, at 17 Devonshire Road, on the busy South Circular road.

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Lingerie Maker Scores With ‘Hat Trick Bra’

A Japanese lingerie maker has scored a success with a novelty brassiere cashing in on Japan’s World Cup fever.

A spokeswoman for Triumph International (Japan) Inc. told AFP Wednesday the company’s head office had been deluged with enquiries after the “Hat Trick Bra” was unveiled as part of Triumph’s 2002 Fall/Winter Collection a day earlier.

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Mirror Clothing Coming Soon

French scientists have devised a novel way of electroplating that could in theory lead to mirror-like garments made out of metal-coated fibre, the British science journal Nature reports on Thursday.

Traditionally, electroplating involves attaching a negative electrode to the substance to be coated, called a substrate.

The substrate is then immersed in a bath that contains a salt of the metal to be deposited and which has been given a charge from a positive electrode.

Attracted by the negative charge, metallic ions in the salt migrate through the liquid bath and are deposited as metal on the substrate.

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Study Links Circumcision with Lower Cancer Rates

Women who have sex with circumcised men have lower rates of cervical cancer, and the men themselves are less likely to develop genital warts, researchers report in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine.

The reason seems to be that circumcised men are less likely to pick up the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is believed responsible for up to 99 percent of cases of cervical cancer, the second leading cancer among women worldwide.

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Selling Wisdom on eBay

Dan Baber is so proud of his mother he offered bidders on eBay a chance to buy one day of her attention, to “make you feel like you are the most special person on the Earth.”

eBay didn’t go for the idea, so Baber decided to put Sue Hamilton’s wisdom up for sale instead.

As of Saturday afternoon, 40 bids on eBay item No. 1527369622 had pushed the price up to $165. The auction page was headed: “Best Mother in the World — Her Thoughts.”

“All I know is I have the best mother in the world. … All proceeds will go to her so she can spoil her grandchildren and teach me how to be as good of a father as she was a mother,” the new listing reads.

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