Banking the Sun’s Energy

 Banking the Sun’s Energy

Using Sun’s Energy to Split Water Means Solar Power All Night

A U.S. scientist has developed a new way of powering fuel cells that could make it practical for home owners to store solar energy and produce electricity to run lights and appliances at night.

A new catalyst produces the oxygen and hydrogen that fuel cells use to generate electricity, while using far less energy than current methods.

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Solar Powered Teepees


A Luxury Teepee

If you are still looking for the perfect outdoors place to vacation this summer while keeping connected with the rest of the world, check out these Solar Powered Teepees. These Teepees in Canada’s Yukon are luxurious, solar powered and eco-friendly. They are perfect for anyone who loves outdoor living without roughing it.

These Teepees available from the Perfect Earth Tours Spa & Resort in Canada’s Yukon have solar solar-powered DVD players, satellite radio, satellite radio and wireless Internet access. The Teepees are also furnished with two queen sized luxury beds, private dining area, vanity area and reading area.

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Hydropolis – The World’s First Underwater Hotel


Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex.  (Pics)
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