Money Tags

In a recent article in EE Times they talks about adding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to the Euro
paper money by 2005. The US government may be considering the
same thing. The article concludes by
saying that there are a number of challenges to overcome with putting RFID
tags into paper currency (cost and durability), but it is highly likely that
they will be added to passports. If this prospect doesn’t frighten you, it should!!!!!

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Worlds Largest Greenhouse

The Eden Project, which opened in March, is a botanical garden unlike any other. Instead of showcasing exotic plants, Eden tells the stories of plants that have played important roles in history, such as cotton and coffee. The facility itself, nestled in a former clay pit in southwest England, houses plants in a series of giant geodesic domes — one of which is the world’s largest greenhouse.
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