Tokyoflash Bluetooth Necklace Design Survey


Jewelry of the Future?

The fine folks at Tokyoflash are asking visitors to participate in a design process by giving feedback and opinions to help with the development of Bluetooth necklaces that let you connect wirelessly to your cell phone or computer (to let you answer the phone handsfree while driving or chat on Skype without having to sit down at the computer).

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Man Says He Was Driving at 110mph to Make Bid On eBay


The Untold Dangers of Online Auctions

A 46-year-old Fall City man was arrested on charges of reckless driving after he was observed traveling 110 mph, said the Washington State Patrol.

James Garrett told the trooper that he was trying to get home to make a bid on eBay before the auction closed, said Trooper Dan McDonald.

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Impressive Vise-Grip Tales


Pick your Vice

Last year, vise-grip manufacturer Irwin held a contest called “Tell Us Your Vise-Grip Story” where people share their personal experience of using the tool. They’ve chosen 3 finalists, one of which is this one by Bryan from Chesapeake, VA:

As a US Navy spine surgeon, I routinely deal with dozens of different types of screws, rods and bolts that have been implanted into the spine. Each manufacturer has their own unique tools to insert and remove their specific hardware. While deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I did not have access to these specialized tools. I did however have some Vise-Grips that could be sterilized and used to emergently remove the screws and rods from this infected solider’s spine.

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The Art of the Female Orgasm

Face of Orgasm 712

The ecstasy of the orgasm

By puritanical society norms, the female orgasm is an event seldom witnessed, and virtually never recorded. However, for the new age of modern women, the orgasm is a thing of beauty. Shown here is a collection of some of the finest moments in human history. (Pics)


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