Pain Girl – The Dental School Robot


Yes, this is all in Japanese, but very cool anyway.  Simroid is a 28 year-old powered female robot designed to train dental students and help improve their communication skills. With senors embedded in her, Simroid is able to simulate real life reactions from dental patients, such as raising of hand while the dentist is cleaning your teeth.


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Detecting Tiny Tumors

 Detecting Tiny Tumors - Raman spectroscopy

US scientists have perfected a new technique to magnify by more than 1,000 times molecules deep inside the human body which may help detect minuscule tumors, a study said.

The technique of non-invasive molecular imaging of small subjects uses a phenomenon known as Raman spectroscopy and the research team from Stanford University School of Medicine believes it is the first such study of its kind.

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Dean Kamen Invents the “Luke Arm”


Dean Kamen’s “Luke arm”—a prosthesis named for the remarkably lifelike prosthetic worn by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars—came to the end of its two-year funding last month. Its fate now rests in the hands of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which funded the project.

If DARPA gives the project the green light—and some greenbacks—the state-of-the-art bionic arm will go into clinical trials. If all goes well, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gives its approval, returning veterans could be wearing the new artificial limb by next year.

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Extreme Surgery

 extreme surgery

Dr Tomoaki Kato had to remove a lot more than a cancerous tumor during an unprecedented operation on a 63-year-old Florida woman earlier this month.

To get to the tumor, which was buried deep in Brooke Zepp’s abdomen and threatened to kill her within months, the organ transplant specialist said he first had to remove her stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver and small and large intestines.

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