Drum Table Plays It Loud


This drum table will certainly get on your nerves much more than that pesky colleague who has developed this nasty habit of drumming his fingers on the table throughout the entire day. Well, at least this drum table produces way more authentic sounds, but seriously – unless you’re a modern musician who finds inspiration from weird gizmos, I suggest giving this a pass since your own kids might drive you mad with this new ‘toy’.

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The Future of Radio – Who Will Emerge?

 The Future of Radio - Who Will Emerge?

As the audience for AM and FM radio declines, start-up entrepreneurs and giant media companies alike search for the “next radio” — a way to make money by helping listeners discover new music. Online music providers such as Pandora, Imeem and Last.fm provide an early glance at that next chapter in radio history.

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Madonna Releases Album on Cell Phones


Madonna isn’t out of the game yet despite her reaching the magical 50 mark where biological age is concerned. In fact, she is hip enough to keep up with the times, releasing her new album for cell phones one week earlier than the actual CD release. Each new song can be downloaded for 24 hours before it is replaced by the next track, with individual songs retailing for 99p. Needless to say, her hot new single “4 Minutes” can already be downloaded for 75p a pop.

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