Energy Expert Recommends Sequestration Legislation to Congress


putting it underground

Carnegie Mellon University Professor Edward S. Rubin is urging Congress to approve newly proposed legislation designed to fund pioneering technologies that can trap and store carbon dioxide emissions deep underground – a vital measure needed to control global climate change.

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Drinking Water, Straight from the Toilet

 Drinking Water, Straight from the Toilet

 Rich people sewage always sells for more than the sewage of the poor

A growing number of cities and counties in the US grappling with water shortages are turning to a solution that may be tough for some homeowners to stomach: purifying sewage water so that residents can drink it.

Los Angeles mayor Antonio R Villaraigosa announced a proposal on Thursday to begin using heavily cleansed sewage water to increase drinking water supplies. The move comes as California braces for the possibility of the most severe water shortages in decades.

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Re-Blowmolding Technique Turns Milk Cartons To Planters


The Re-Blowmolding Technique Mobile Headquarters


We got a kick out of this crazy-looking machine when we saw it recently at a street fair in Providence, RI. RISD Industrial Design student Mike Hahn has created what he calls a Re-Blowmolding machine. The name refers to the fact that the machine takes #2 plastic bottles that were blown into molds in factories and reshapes them using heat and air. According to Hahn, “Essentially it is an oven combined with a molding apparatus and air injection. The plastic is heated evenly all the way around and a two part mold is then forced around the flexible bottle. When air is injected in to the bottle through the spout the plastic fills the mold and cools very quickly.”

Check out a couple videos of the machine in action after the jump.

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Rating The Big Boxes’ Recycling Programs


Who does the best job with their recycling program?

When you consider that the average lifespan of most electronics devices is about three to five years, it’s not surprising to hear that we junk about 2 million tons of e-waste every year. As we constantly upgrade our cellphones, TVs and computers, there are also endless “disposable” accessories along for the ride – batteries, printer cartridges, shipping materials… the list goes on.

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