Electronics Recycling Report Card Flunks Nearly All Printer Companies

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Bad News About Printer Companies

According to ETBC, Dell, Samsung and Asus received the best marks, though Samsung got a scolding for a bad occupational health record at its Korean manufacturing plants where many of the young workers are diagnosed with blood cancers. Whether that’s a direct result of working at Samsung or from something else in the local environment, we aren’t sure…

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Building Made from Recycled Phone Books


A great use for phone books

Architect Richard Kroeker designed a shed made out of phone books. It was built by architecture students at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Kroeker writes:

The books form a ready made, insulated building module held in place with sheet metal angles normally used as drywall bead material…

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Americans Own More Gadgets Than Ever. So Why Are Recycling Numbers So Low?


Startling Recycling Numbers

Retrevo dot com is a great marketplace for gadgets, and it’s chock full of interesting news about electronics, including our habits regarding our electronics. In a recent study, the company found that on average only 39% of Americans claim to recycle all of their old electronic devices. And that number is somewhat sketchy since many people claim to do more than they actually do. Also, “all” electronics encompasses a whole lot of what we own today — there’s likely a few things that end up in the trash rather than an e-waste collection site. But this 39% is the good news of the numbers. The study found a whole lot more dirt about what we’re doing with devices.

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Glowing Green Jellyfish Goo Could Power Medical Devices


Will we have jellyfish power soon?

Thanks to more acidic oceans, jellyfish populations seem to be flourishing. While they aren’t exactly edible for humans, they might be useful for powering nanodevices. Swedish researcher have been turning thousands of Aequorea victoria, a common North American jellyfish species, into liquid and extracting a green fluorescent protein (GFP) that makes the animals glow in the dark to see if it can also help create a biofuel cell that will generate small amounts of energy — enough to power microscopic nanodevices.

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Electric Car Can Recharge While in Motion

Rolling and Recharging at the same time!

Students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany designed and built an electric vehicle and the track that it runs on. The car can recharge using electrical conduits built into the surface of the track. It doesn’t have to stop in order to recharge…

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High-tech Recycling Bins Will Tell on Residents Who Don’t Recycle…. and Fine Them For It


RFID chips will allow city workers to monitor how often residents roll carts to the curb for collection.

We’ve heard the promise: in the future, everything’s connected. But when Cleveland rolls out its new RFID-enabled recycling bins next year, ones that know if you’re using them and report you if you’re not, you might long to disconnect.


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The City of Garbage

City of Garbage 017

A lone child in the valley of garbage

Manshiet Nasser is a neighborhood located in Cairo, Egypt. People refer to it as the City of Garbage because trash from all over Cairo end up there. It is not a landfill. Rather, people who live there survive on sorting through garbage and selling whatever is useful. They claim that 80% of the waste is recycled and resold. (Amazing pics)

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Beautiful Boxes Made From Recycled Circuit Boards

Circuit Board Treasures
The complicated connections exhibited in circuit boards definitely give way to a medium that’s perfect for futuristic creations. But there is one man out there who is more interested in taking those boards back in time. With an artistic vision and a pair of skilled hands, artist Theo Kamecke is repurposing old circuit boards into exquisitely decorated interior accents. More than just a collage of broken boards, each of Kamecke’s pieces have been painstakingly crafted, drawing inspiration from ancient cultures. With their intricate patterns and polished aesthetic, many of his pieces could be easily claimed as relics of the Byzantine Empire.

Turn a Broken Down Laptop into a Desktop PC-Inside-A-Keyboard

DAV laptop to desktop hack


Laptops, unfortunately, go through a lot of wear and tear, to the point of unusability. Hacker Bart, however, shows us how just because a laptop’s hinge, monitor, or keyboard is broken doesn’t mean it can’t still be a working, desktop computer.

This project is still ongoing, but has most of the kinks worked out and is a great springboard for a similar project with any laptop. After getting a free Macbook Air in not-so-great condition, Bart set out to turn it into a tiny desktop PC. Minimalist Mac towers are nothing new (from the old G4 Cube design to the newer Mac Minis), but this now-desktop is special—instead of being its own mini-tower, it resides in a small case under the keyboard and Magic Trackpad, hooked up to an external monitor…

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Urine Could Hold The Key To Low Cost Energy, Say Scientists

urine for sale

Finding new uses for urine.

Urine could hold the secret to low cost energy, university boffins have revealed.

Researchers have developed a system to test whether it can be used in fuel cells as an alternative to flammable hydrogen or toxic methanol.

The work at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, concentrates on urea, or carbamide, a mass-manufactured fertiliser and major component in human and animal urine.

The new Carbamide Power System could offer a non-toxic, low-cost, easily transportable alternative, academics said…

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Jason Mecier’s Famous Faces Junk Recreations

Lady-GaGa Mecier
Mecier’s Lady Ga Ga
Jason Mecier’s amazing 3D assemblage collages bring to life the celebrities of today, and of yesteryear — in recycled junk! Jason Mecier’s 3D mosaics don’t just illustrate celebrities in recycled junk — incredibly, many of them are actually made from items donated by the celebrities themselves.

A House Made of Non-Recyclable Waxed Cardboard


Corucon student housing project

You’ve probably heard of strawbale construction — but what about cardboard bale construction? We already know cardboard is pretty versatile and can be found anywhere from furniture, to ornaments, to mulch, to houses and earthquake resistant schools. But what can be done with non-recyclable waxed cardboard that usually ends up in some landfill? As a team of Auburn University students are showing in this experimental student housing project called Corucon, even the hard-to-recycle, waxed corrugated kind of cardboard can still be reclaimed and used instead as bales for building, much like strawbales. (Pics)


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