Get Charged Up With Scosche PowerFuze Pro

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Charge up your tech gizmos here!

Carry a whole lot of gizmos with you wherever you go? The Scosche PowerFuze Pro ought to help you out in this department, where it can be plugged directly into the wall socket or in a vehicle via the cigarette lighter socket. For the former, you will be able to juice up a couple of USB device simultaneously, where it will retail for $35.

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ecoATM Introduced to Make Gadget Recycling Simple


An ATM of a different kind.

Recycling your old mobile phone, compact camera, MP3 player or even external storage device could soon become much easier – and more rewarding – following the installation of a gadget-recycling ATM in North America.

The first Eco ATM was installed in a furniture store in Nebraska late last month and, although it currently only accepts mobile phones, the firm behind the unit said the ATM can also support a wider variety of gadgets.

Users simply place their gadget into a slot on the ATM’s front, after which cameras are used to analyse the device’s condition, searching for body cracks, dings and the like, in order to determine its value.

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Recycled Shipping Containers Transformed Into Trendy Homes


One Big Time Recycling Project!

Who would have thought that shipping containers could be used in making beautiful homes? In this post at Green Diary, blogger Aditi Justa explored 10 of the most interesting homes (and structures) built with recycled shipping containers.

Take, for instance, the Redondo Beach Container House pictured above:

The Redondo Beach House is an architecturally designed shipping container based contemporary house to suit your site and lifestyle.

The award-winning De Maria Design’s luxury beachside house was constructed using eight prefabricated, recycled steel shipping containers, which are integrated with some traditional building techniques.

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Bottle Top Art Creations


Bottle Tops Revisited


Most of us normally discard the bottle caps as its of no use to us. But if you ask Yoav Kotik, then the use can be quite interesting and useful. Artist Yoav Kotik is the designer of the “Precious Metal” jewelry line. Using beverages’ caps, he creates these wonderful designs; his interesting and unique jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more.
He is a graduate of the ‘Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design’, and he leads Master classes in the field of sculpture and design in recycled material in academic institutes such as the ‘Shenkar Academy Of Design, the ‘Bezalel Academy’, and the ‘Wizo Academy’.

(more art after jump…)

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Machine From Japan Turns Office Waste Into Toilet Paper



The Other Way Around Would be More Impressive…
We’re not too sure what to think about this 1,300 lbs piece of machinery by Tokyo-based Nakabayashi. It takes paper waste from an office and turns it into toilet paper: “The toilet paper machine is able to produce two rolls per hour from around 1,800 sheets (or 7.2kg) of used A4-sized paper”. Seems like a whole lot of machine overkill. What’s the footprint of that machine and how much toilet paper should it produce before it compensate for that? More details after the jump…

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UpCycling: Even Better Than ReCycling!


Before ReCycling Try UpCycling

The recyclers are out in force. Whether it’s using a local recycle centre or a council-provided green bin, it’s never been easier to get your household waste processed back into useful raw materials. But that takes energy – and why spend that energy when this “rubbish” can be turned into something useful in its present form?

Here are some of our suggestions for making the most of what you have already…

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Cars Fueled With Leftover Beer

Cars Fueled With Leftover Beer 

 Micro Fueler

Beer fueling cars? Cars now competing for beer that you should be guzzling? Yep. And your car won’t get a beer gut or wake up next to Quasimodo the next morning. Don’t sweat it though, we’re talking leftovers. Sierra Nevada has purchased a MicroFueler, which produces ethanol from water, sugar and yeast. As you probably know from Beer 101, yeast is a major byproduct of beer fermentation. So they can now make fuel out of beer leftovers.

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Yellow Pages Goes Green: Movement Against Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery

Yellow Pages Goes Green: Movement Against Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery is an organization working to educate consumers and promote the green movement to eliminate the unsolicited delivery of Yellow and White Pages books. The site is aimed at starting a national movement to solicit the White/Yellow Pages industry to proactively stop the delivery of books or to begin moving legislation to mandate the stoppage of this activity. This movement should be similar to the National No-Call Registry that have stopped and/or decreased the number of unwanted solicitations telephone calls to consumers.

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Adventurer To Sail Plastic Boat Into Ocean’s Plastic Dump Atrocity


Plastic Boat of Destiny

A British millionaire adventurer plans to sail a 60ft raft made from empty mineral water bottles to the massive waste dump of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean five times the size of the UK.

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