Introducing the Lynx, a Two-Seat Rocket Built for Space Tourism


Today in Los Angeles, a private space company unveiled the latest entrant in the race to send paying passengers into suborbital space.

The Lynx, in development by XCOR Aerospace, is envisioned as a two-seat vehicle that will allow a paying passenger to ride up front with the pilot to experience weightlessness and see the Earth from space.

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Nomophobia – A Whole New Reason to Panic

Nomophobia - A Whole New Reason to Panic

Anxiety is the affliction of life in the modern world. Now add to the stress list: “nomophobia”, the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

Researchers in Britain have carried out a study and found that nomophobia is plaguing our 24/7 life — running out of battery or credit, losing one’s handset and not having network coverage “affects 53 per cent of mobile users”.

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A Robot Run by Flies

A Robot Run by Flies

This strange looking contraption is a battery powered vehicle. It putters around a New York art gallery looking like…art. What’s interesting about it is the driver or drivers. It’s course is directed and steered entirely by flies. The plastic bubble is filled with large houseflies, and the food and water that nourishes them. That’s right, the enslavement of flies has begun.


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Robot Fetches Objects With Point And Click

Interactive Robot<Point and Click Robot

Robots are fluent in their native language of 1 and 0 absolutes but struggle to grasp the nuances and imprecise nature of human language. While scientists are making slow, incremental progress in their quest to create a robot that responds to speech, gestures and body language, a more straightforward method of communication may help robots find their way into homes sooner.

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