‘Magnetricity’ Observed For The First Time


The magnetic equivalent of electricity in a ‘spin ice’ material

A magnetic charge can behave and interact just like an electric charge in some materials, according to new research led by the London Centre for Nanotechnology.   The findings could lead to a reassessment of current magnetism theories, as well as significant technological advances.


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Medieval Walls In Spain Contain Bits Of Bone




In a macabre discovery fit for Indiana Jones,

archaeologists in Spain unearthed a 14th century brick oven with a unique role — to bake bones. Scientists report that the animal bones were burnt in the oven and mixed with other materials to produce a protective coating to strengthen the grand medieval walls of what is today Granada, Spain. Scientists now describe how they found these materials thanks to a powerful new testing method.

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People Are More Suggestible Under Drugs


“A friend or an enemy? A drug” Or a resource?”

The pain-relieving effects of nitrous oxide – laughing gas – may be enhanced by suggestion or hypnosis, according to a new study by UCL (University College London). The study’s findings – that people are more suggestible under the gas – mean that dental patients may benefit from being coached to relax while undergoing sedation.

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