10 Best Places To Grow Up


American…what a place to live

If you could create the ideal community to raise a child in, what ingredients would you include? First off, you’d probably want a low crime rate. A strong school system would also be key. From there, you’d need lots of other children, expansive green spaces to play in, and plenty of nearby family events. Toss in an abundance of artistic and recreational activities, and all of a sudden you’ve got one heck of a place to grow up. Continue reading… “10 Best Places To Grow Up”


Killer Cows


I guess this is a clue to eat more chicken

The image of cows as placid, gentle creatures is a city slicker’s fantasy, judging from an article published on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which reports that about 20 people a year are killed by cows in the United States. In some cases, the cows actually attack humans—ramming them, knocking them down, goring them, trampling them and kicking them in the head—resulting in fatal injuries to the head and chest. Continue reading… “Killer Cows”


YouTube Helps Man


Youtube isn’t just a site for pointless videos anymore


An engineer in Cornwall delivered his baby son after watching an instructional video on YouTube.

Marc Stephens watched the videos as a precaution when his wife Jo started to feel some discomfort.

Four hours later, his wife went into labour and started giving birth before an ambulance could arrive at their home in Redruth. Continue reading… “YouTube Helps Man”


Teen Kept In Bathroom


This is so scary its hard to believe that it actually occurred

For three years, neighbors in a quaint, middle-class community scarcely saw the lanky 16-year-old boy who lived with his adoptive mother and her boyfriend.

Now, they know why: According to authorities, the teen was brutally abused and held captive in his own home. Most recently, he’d been confined to a bathroom, locked from the outside and sealed with a piece of plywood over the window. Continue reading… “Teen Kept In Bathroom”


Handcuff Key/Writing Instrument


Its a criminals new best friend

The Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument also referred to among the non-incarcerated as Patent#US 6880369, is comprised of a pen that has a writing end and a closed end and a cap that will fit on either one. A handcuff key is formed on the closed end of the cap, which extends longitudinally. When the writing end of the pen is inserted into the one end of the cap, the pen and cap together form a handle for the handcuff key that can be easily carried and accessed.

Continue reading… “Handcuff Key/Writing Instrument”


Robotic Rice Planter


The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in Japan earned “The Robot Award 2008” for its automated rice planter, which can work a field all on its own without the help of humans. As is usually stated, Japan faces a looming labor crisis with its lopsidedly older work force, and automated production is one of the country’s focuses.

Continue reading… “Robotic Rice Planter”