Cyborg Scientist Plans Brain Implant

British scientist ‘Cyborg’ Kevin Warwick has a wish for his 60th birthday that will be coming up in 12 years time — to have a silicon chip surgically implanted in his brain.

The 48-year-old professor in March 2002 conducted an experiment named ‘Project Cyborg’ in which doctors placed a silicon chip into his arm for a second time while linking his nervous system to a computer.

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Cosmic Rays ‘Linked to Clouds’

German scientists have found a significant piece of evidence linking cosmic rays to climate change.
They have detected charged particle clusters in the lower atmosphere that were probably caused by the space radiation.

They say the clusters can lead to the condensed nuclei which form into dense clouds.

Clouds play a major, but as yet not fully understood, role in the dynamics of the climate, with some types acting to cool the planet and others warming it up. BBC Article here.

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Fun With Fog Generators

Only 10 or so shopping days to Halloween. If you’re at a loss for a project this weekend check out for a full set of detailed instructions on the construction of a Fog chiller. “What’s a fog chiller?” you may ask. And rightly so. Let me explain.

A fog machine dumps fog juice on a heating plate to produce oodles of the white, floaty stuff. Problem is that it doesn’t hug the ground like you see in the movies.

An alternative that is employed to create the ground-hugging variety of fog is a dry ice machine (which heats up dry ice and disperses the resultant cloud of fog). The problem is that dry ice is (a) expensive and (b) not always that easy to get.

Enter the fog chiller. The chiller can be built very inexpensively (major cost is the sacrifice of a largish cooler) and works with a regular fog machine that consumes low-cost fog juice. Go on, give it a try. You know you want to. And just imagine the look on the faces of your little ghouls and ghosts come the 31st when your house looks like boot hill on steroids.”
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Car PDAs

Japan’s Clarion has taken the wraps off a new in-car computer at World PC Expo in Tokyo this week and said it plans to put the device on domestic sale in December.

The computer, which is based on Microsoft’s Windows CE for Automotive operating system, is one of the most feature packed in-car electronics systems yet seen in Japan–a country where dashboard navigation, television, and DVD Video functions can be found in many cars.
More here.
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New Imaging Technology To Replace X-Rays

A camera that can see through clothes and skin without x-rays could soon be providing low-cost, rapid and safe screening for disease and tissue damage.

The camera, currently in development by scientists in Oxfordshire, England detects ultra-high frequency waves, called terahertz waves or t-rays, given off by all objects. It does not expose patients to potentially harmful radiation.

Just below infrared in the energy spectrum, terahertz waves aren’t a new finding for scientists. But the technology to detect them has been complicated and expensive. Betterhumans

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Living in an Artificial World

Typical technology conferences focus on the latest gadgets and gimmicks designed to make daily activities easier, faster and more convenient.

But at the annual PopTech conference, there are no vendors hawking their wares or cavernous exhibit halls filled with crowds of people listening to the latest pitch.

Instead, about 400 big thinkers will gather in this small coastal town for a weekend of reflection and discussion about the many ways that technology affects society. More here.
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Using Microwaves to Drill Through Glass

UPI is reporting that Israeli researchers have developed a drill that can melt a small hole in glass, ceramics, or concrete with no dust or noise. reports that it doesn’t work very well with good heat conductors or materials with very high melting points, but the researchers envision a wide variety of manufacturing applications, and possibly some medical uses as well.

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Next Generation of Holographic Images

Imagine being able to view an image from all sides and have it interact with you. Scenes or images pop-out at you and change on the fly and are viewable in full color. Best of all, you don’t need head-gear or any wearable device to make this possible. They are generated by a computer with two cameras that track your eye movement and there is a transparent LCD screen between you and the display that makes the pictures come alive. Though it may be a while before this becomes part of our daily lives, it is interesting to see what the kind of research being done on this.
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Work Stress Doubles Risk of Heart Disease Death

Healthy people with stressful jobs who work long hours but get little satisfaction from what they do have twice the risk of dying from heart disease as satisfied employees, according to a study.

Job stress has been known to trigger heart problems in people who already have cardiovascular disease. Now Finnish scientists have now shown that even in healthy people the pressures of work can take their toll. More here.

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Engineer Designs ‘Airbag Desk’ for Tired Workers

Reuters: A German engineer has designed a desk that converts into a giant pillow at the push of a button for flagging office workers in need of a quick snooze.

“At work I was often tempted to just lie down and take a quick afternoon nap,” said Matthias Knigge whose “airbag table” will soon be on display at a Hamburg art gallery.

“The airbag table is designed for everyone who works hard at their desk and needs to take a quick nap,” he said.

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Artificial Intelligence to Help UK Officers Catch Crooks Before They Commit Crim

If all goes as planned, English police will soon be using artificial intelligence to predict crimes before they happen.

“We are doing research with artificial intelligence to look at the predictive element with patterns of offending and where people might strike next,” West Midland Assistant Chief Constable Nick Tofiluk recently told the Evening Mail. “And if it develops as we think it might, it will be a massive breakthrough.”

Police in West Midland, a county of central England, have pioneered the development of crime-busting computer software called Forensic Led Intelligence System.

More here.

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Inventor Boot Camp on Oct 26th – It’ll Change Your Life

Inventing: Finding new ways to succeed.

Over the years we have studied the “science of inventing” from many different angles. And we wish we could guarantee that all of the inventors that we work will be successful, but we can’t. However, we can show you what things have worked in the past, and what a successful inventor looks like.

With some new presenters, we have assembled the finest team of presenters possible for the Inventor Boot Camp. All together there will be several hundred years of experience in the room to help you find new ways to succeed as an inventor. Join us on the 26th. It’ll change your life.

EVENT: Inventor Boot Camp
PRODUCED BY: The DaVinci Institute
DATE: Saturday, October 26th
TIME: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

LOCATION: Omni Interlocken Hotel,
500 Interlocken Blvd.,
Broomfield, Colorado 80021

SPEAKERS: 7 Powerful Speakers, each a successful inventor

COST: Only $99 for members, $129 for non-members, with Early Registration

ENROLL TODAY: Online or call 303-666-4133

The Inventor Boot Camp is all about bringing your product to market. Come and learn how!
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