Inventor Boot Camp – April 20th

The DaVinci Institute is again hosting their critically acclaimed Inventor Boot Camp on April 20th at Denver’s Hyatt Tech Center.

The Inventor Boot Camp is designed for people who are serious about being an inventor. This may include anyone who either has a patent or is thinking about patenting something. The contents of this workshop will apply to everyone from a first-time inventor to someone who is filing their 27th patent. But they’ll make you work for it. This is powerful information for those who are serious about their inventions.

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9 Innovations in Search of Inventors

David Pogue writes: Here are some ideas for new products that should exist, but don’t. These days, though, there seems to be a measurable deceleration in high-tech innovation. Sure, PC’s are getting slightly faster, palmtops slightly brighter, and DVD players slightly cheaper, but where are the big, bold new ideas for consumer products?

“If you’re an inventor, take these ideas with my blessings. I ask nothing in return but a smile, a firm handshake and 10 percent of the net.”

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Painted-On Cheap Plastic Solar Energy Cells

Cheap, plastic solar cells that can be painted onto just about any surface could provide power for a range of portable and even wearable electronic devices, scientists said on Thursday.

A team at the University of California Berkeley said they had come up with a first generation of plastic solar cells, which could someday replace the bulky and expensive silicon-based cells used widely now.

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GPS Wristwatch for Kids

A company called ‘Wherify Wireless’ has created a $400 watch with a built-in pager, GPS unit and wireless data connectivity. It’s targeted at families with kids. According to their website, ‘Wherify’s GPS Personal Locator helps keep loved ones safe by combining Wherify’s patented technology with the U.S. Department of Defense’s multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites plus the largest 100% digital, nationwide PCS wireless network.’ It includes a pager, clock, two-button ‘911’ calling (parent can disable this), and remote-control keyfob (to lock and unlock it) for the parents. It is apparently water- and kid-resistant, and can be locked onto the wrist so that it cannot be removed (easily). $400 plus $35 a month… that’s a lot more money than those stretchy wrist-leashes I see at the mall.
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Talk Without Speaking

Finally, we might be able to get rid of all those annoying people yelling over the static on their cell phones! CNN has an article about a new technology that senses muscle movements in your face and then translates them into sound. This way all you have to do is mouth words into the phone…not actually speak!” Somehow I suspect that we’d lose a lot of the subtleties of communication, but it sure would be nice every time someone calls me while I’m embroiled in a tractor pull.
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The Space Elevator Comes Closer to Reality reports: Make way for the ultimate high-rise project: the space elevator. Long viewed as science fiction “imagineering”, researchers are gathering momentum in their pursuit to propel this uplifting concept into actuality.

Forget the roar of rocketry and those bone jarring liftoffs, the elevator would be a smooth 62,000-mile ride up a long cable. Payloads can shimmy up the Earth-to-space cable, experiencing no large launch forces, slowly climbing from one atmosphere to a vacuum.

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Ford’s New ‘No Hands’ Mobile Set-up

If you’re driving a new Ford Mondeo or Focus, you could be in luck. One of the options offered by ‘fordtelematics‘ system, is the “in-car personal assistant” button that puts you through to an operator who will instantly pin-point the location of your car and guide you to a petrol station or wherever you need to go. At 75p a minute this is the deluxe feature of system that has four main options. The telematics system, through a built-in microphone and the car’s stereo system, acts as a hands-free mobile for this function.

Other features include real-time traffic information at 45p per minute and voice-activated dialing. An SOS button connects the car to an emergency services operator–if the airbags are set off then the system makes this call automatically.

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Cell Phone World Awaits 500-Lb. Gorilla

Wired Magazine reports: Cell-phone manufacturers in Korea, Japan, Finland and Germany are aggressively targeting American consumers with a flurry of new mobile phones.

But the next cell phone an American buys may be made in Redmond, Washington.

That’s if Microsoft has any say in the matter.

Microsoft, which proudly points out that various American cell-phone service providers will soon carry Windows-powered devices on their shelves, recently said it plans to capture 25 percent of the cell-phone market by next year.

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i-Visor™ – Your Own Private Big-Screen Theater

The amazing i-Visor™ is like having a private big-screen theater. It features twin embedded LCDs with 800 x 600 resolution and a 1.44 million-pixel display to create the illusion of an 44-inch screen floating in front of you. You can use the i-Visor with any video source, including laptop computers. Watch your favorite movies anywhere, anytime. Or, prevent prying eyes from seeing sensitive documents. Cost – $995.

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