World’s Fastest Supercomputer Simulates Nuclear Explosion

Redefining the term vaporware, research scientists at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Labs detonated two computer simulations. ASCI White, the world’s fastest supercomputer, ran the simulations of nuclear explosions. Scientists can now study nuclear weapon replacement components without violating the nuclear test ban, in effect since 1992. Each simulation used more than 6.6 million CPU hours, which would take home machines 1000 years to complete. The data for each experiment was equivalent to 35 times the information available in the Library of Congress.
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Ticketmaster: Let Users Resell and Bid on Tickets

Ticketmaster is planning to launch two new features that will let users resell unused tickets and bid for tickets online, rather than waiting in line at retail outlets, according to published reports.

One feature, called “Ticketmaster Marketplace,” will serve as an online venue for season ticket holders to sell unused tickets. But we still think they plan to fleece everyone that uses their service.

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Time Travel – Let’s Just Do It

Ronald Mallett, a physicist at the University of Connecticut, believes he knows how to build a time machine – an actual device that could send something or someone from the future to the past, or vice versa.

Unlike other physicists who have pondered the science of time travel, the 57-year-old professor has devised a machine he believes could transport anything from an atom to a person from one time to another.

We happen to think he’s nuts.

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The Silent Guitar

Yamaha has designed this next generation guitar for all those people living next to a ravid guitar player. A common dilemma faced by musicians is how to practice without breaking the landlord’s rules, or disturbing family members and neighbors. Yamaha has been solving this problem in part with a line of “silent” products which incorporate cutting-edge technology into a growing family of traditional musical instruments—including strings, brass and percussion. Yamaha Guitars enters the silent family with the introduction of the SLG100N Silent Guitar.

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First Ever Kayak Rodeo In A Portable Hydraulic Whirlpool

The first whitewater rodeo kayaking event ever was held in a man-made pool at the California Canoe & Kayak Frenzy on the water-front at Oakland’s, Jack London Square, in February.

Team Wave Sport held the exhibition in the Wave Box, the first portable hydraulic whirlpool designed to emulates a natural whitewater simulation by pumping over 6400 gallons of water per minute.

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Own Your Own $78 Million Submarine

The Phoenix 1000 is a luxury class submarine that will easily out class anyone else at the marina.

The total interior area of the submarine is in excess of 5000 square feet. The overall spaciousness, coupled with very large acrylic viewports, and the potential for relatively comfortable living, results in a vehicle as luxurious as the finest of motor yachts.

At $78 million, you might have to work two jobs for a while before you can afford this one.
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Designer Dirt – A $400 Million Industry

Shelling out $4 or so for a bag of soil might seem lunacy, but in this age of bottled water and boutique coffees, the green industry is counting on dirt becoming the next product fad. Designer dirt, that is.

The hunch seems to be paying off: The largest player in this field, the Scotts Company of Marysville, Ohio, reports a vigorous consumer response to its national brands of potting mixes, garden soil mixes and mixes to repair lawns.

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Beijing Conference Argues SpaceWar

Space Daily reports: Participants of an international conference on disarmament in Beijing called for the international community to act immediately to prevent the potential danger of arms being used in outer space.

Participants from 20 countries had in-depth discussions on major topics including the role of the UN in the sphere of disarmament, the prevention of the arms race in outer space, missile proliferation, nuclear disarmament, military revolution and conventional arms disarmament
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