Online Privacy Is Dead – Now What?

Your name, address, phone number and Social Security (web sites) number all are items found on your driver’s license — and on the Web.

Rapid commercialization of the Internet has fed a demand for more and more personal information about Internet users.

With personal privacy already in jeopardy, the terrorist attacks of September 11th opened the door wide to government snooping as well. In effect, maintaining personal privacy on the Internet now seems almost impossible.

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Swedish Scientists Find Cancer Killer

Experts have found a way to repair a defective gene that encourages cancer and to make it kill off tumors, a Swedish scientist said on Friday.

More than half of all cancer tumors have a mutated gene called p53. In a healthy state the gene helps repair the DNA damage that leads to cancer in the first place. Without that function, tumors may grow uncontrollably.

But a research team at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm has succeeded in repairing the gene, paving the way for a drug to combat virtually any form of the disease.

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Internet Usage Statistics

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings Audience Measurement Service.
The following Internet usage estimates are based on a sample of households that have access to the Internet and use the following platforms: Windows 95/98/NT, and MacOS 8 or higher.

Number of Sessions per Month – 21
Number of Unique Sites Visited – 47
Time Spent per Month – 11: 27: 08
Time Spent During Surfing Session – 32: 56

Duration of a Page viewed – 00: 55
Active Internet Universe – 104,793,266
Current Internet Universe Estimate – 164,139,614

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Blue Laser DVD Players

The world’s top nine electronics companies have agreed on a single standard for a recordable-DVD format that uses a blue laser that can read and write more bits of information than the current red laser, because of its shorter wavelength. The new machines can store up to 27 gigabytes on each side of a disc, almost six times more than current DVDs (4.7 gigabytes). The blue-laser DVD players will store 13 hours of broadcast TV or two hours of high-definition video. Pioneer says it will use the new format as soon as 2005.

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Robotic Cow Milkers

Heindel & Sons, one of seven farms in the country that are experimenting with robotic milking systems, has trained most of its cows to walk up to a milking station and spend a few minutes there munching grain while the robot’s quietly moving parts prod at the animal’s udder.

A laser locates the cow’s nipples, which are cleaned by rollers coated with disinfectant before being milked by long, white suction tubes on the unit’s “milking claw.” Vacuum-activated rubber rings at the end of each tube massage the nipple, prompting the cow to release its milk.

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High Tech Companies Pack Their Bags for Cheaper Small Towns

A huge exodus from San Francisco may be under way as high-tech companies pack their bags for cheaper North American cities and regions, according to a study.

San Francisco is the most expensive North American city for a high-tech company do to business, with an estimated average cost of $43 million a year, according to The Boyd Company, a consulting firm that advises major companies on location planning. For example, a company relocating to Baltimore from San Francisco would see a savings of about 21 percent, according to the study’s figures.

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World’s Smallest Remote-Controlled Cars

DigiQ from Takara is infrared-controlled, has two independent rear wheels powered by two tiny motors, and comes with a pistol-style analog controller.

Bit Char-G from Tomy (Tomica) is radio-controlled, single-motor rear wheel drive, front wheel steering, and comes with an awkward controller with forward/backward + left/right switches.

Check out the video clips to appreciate how small and maneuverable these cars are.
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Top 10 Viruses in January

Panda Software, leading developer of antivirus software, has published the list of the ten viruses most frequently detected and eliminated throughout January by the company’s free, online virus scanner, Panda ActiveScan. Here’s how they stack up:

1.) W32/Badtrans.B 22.49%
2.) W32/Sircam 10.64%
3.) W32/Nimda 6.83%
4.) W32/Magistr.B 6.48%
5.) W32/Klez.F 6.12%
6.) VBS/Help 4.57%
7.) W32/Disemboweler4.40%
8.) W32/[email protected] 3.28%
9.) W32/Hai 3.15%
10.) W32/Aliz 2.70%
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Hospital of the Future

Siemens said it will help create the ‘hospital of the future‘ – the world’s first totally integrated, all digital and completely automated hospital.

The company said it has entered into a multi-year partnership with HealthSouth Corporation.

Siemens will serve as the primary technology provider for the HealthSouth Medical Center, which is currently under construction in Birmingham, Alabama.

Every patient in the HealthSouth Medical Center will wear a wireless ‘wellness monitor’ that will monitor his or her health status.

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Machines That Can Read People’s Minds

Scientists are inventing ‘smart machines’ that can read people’s minds – or at least the expressions on their faces.

Groundbreaking research is being carried out into the space age-sounding technology at the University of Southern California.

They are working on machines that can identify human emotions from the expressions on their faces using ’emotional mapping’ techniques.

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