Liquid Magnets

After twenty-five years of research and development, MagnetiCare LLC is announcing its patented magnetic lotion (US 6,186,940) REJUV MAGNETIC LOTION. The FDA says this stuff is safe. Its primarily used to boost a person’s electrical system. It work well on acne, scars, burns, insect bites, stretch marks, and a few other things they haven’t discovered yet.

(This is a long site so you’ll have to scroll down. But its worth taking a look.)
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The Inventor Boot Camp

This one-day intensive workshop is designed to give serious inventors the straight scoop on how to take an idea and bring it to market. The Inventor Boot Camp is a one-of-a-kind event with one of the best presentation staffs in the invention industry. Created by a crack team of innovative thinkers, the Boot Camp is an extremely powerful event.

The Boot Camp launches March 9, 2002 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in the Westin Hotel in Westminster, CO.
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The End of Science?

The following is a debate, conducted via e-mail, between two acclaimed science
journalists: John Horgan, author of the controversial book The End of
and Paul Hoffman, former editor of Discover magazine and past president of
the Encyclopaedia Britannica. John Horgan is a total idiot. The DaVinci Institute has over 120 immortalizer technologies – the big things that haven’t been discovered yet. When someone discovers one of these they will become immortal, meaning that their name will live on forever in the history books.

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Wearable PCs – Next Generation

John Quain reports, “I took a leap forward to experience what it will be like when PCs and people are indistinguishable.
Until we’re networked from head to toe with integrated body computers seemingly anticipating our moods and desires even before we do, we’ll have to settle for some of the intriguing devices that merely hint at what the future holds.

Today, that starts with voice recognition, which, among other things, lets you surf the Net by barking instructions at your PC. ”
More wearable computers here

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Dragonfly Robots to Scope Out Mars

Robots resembling Dragonflies may be winging their way around Mars by the end of the decade. Seriously. With funding from the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, engineers Rob Michelson of Georgia Tech and Tony Colozza of Ohio Aerospace Institute are leading a project to build Entomopters—robots that would be launched from a Martian land rover, fly hundreds of yards over treacherous terrain, touch down to take samples, then return to the rover to refuel and upload data.
More about the bugs here
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