America’s Newest Sport – Googlewhacking

Google’s index of web pages is generally regarded as the largest of all the major search engines. This means that for most searches, it’s not uncommon for Google to report millions or even tens of millions of pages containing your search terms.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, there are combinations of keywords that return only one single result on Google. Web entrepreneur, online commentator and gadfly Gary Stock is obsessed with finding these combinations. So much so that he’s created a game, complete with rules, that he calls “Googlewhacking.” In some respects, it’s like trying to find the next prime number.
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The complete rules here
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Artificial Intelligence Is Dead

“Traditional” AI grew out of efforts to crack enemy codes in the Second World War. It aimed to capture human intelligence by following vast lists of rules programmed into a computer. Today, this approach is best known for creating Deep Blue, the computer that beat the chess world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.

But this strategy has serious limitations because it seems unlikely to produce anything that really resembles human intelligence. Instead, a new wave of AI is slowly making its mark. It relies to a large extent on coaxing complex behaviours from the interaction of simple components.

So, for example, networks of artificial brain cells can learn and recognise patterns. Already such neural networks are advising financial wizards about investing their money and helping doctors to diagnose cancer.

More about the death of AI here
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News From The South Pole Via Wearable Computers

“Tom and Tina Sjogren have reached the South Pole after skiing in for two months wearing portable computers. Their web site hasn’t been updated to reflect this fact, but our station manager has just come back from greeting them as they reached the pole. Details of their expedition can be found at
. From Henry Malmgren, South Pole Station Network Engineer”
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Micro Miniature Cell Phones

MEMS proponents say they can reduce common annoyances like dropped calls while creating the potential for phones so tiny that they could look like something else.

“In theory, it’s possible that wireless phones could become a ring that you put on your finger,” said Clark T.-C. Nguyen, an associate professor in the department of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan.

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Anti-HIV Vaccine Trial To Begin

Reuters reports that British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline Plc on Thursday said it will begin a U.S. trial this year of a vaccine to prevent humans from being infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Healthy males and females who have not been exposed to the virus and who are at low risk of HIV infection will be enrolled later this year for the trials, which will take place at up to 11 clinical research centers in the United States, the firm said in a statement.
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Monkey Eggs – An Alternative to Cloning

Using a special chemical trigger, scientists said on Thursday they had tricked a monkey’s egg cell into forming an early embryo without benefit of sperm, and said the process might offer an acceptable alternative to cloning as a source of new medical treatments.

The tiny monkey embryo yielded stem cells, the master cells that scientists believe will one day be a source of tissues, organs and other treatments for conditions ranging from diabetes to a broken neck.

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Smart Bandages

“Scientists are working on a “smart bandage” that would detect specific bacteria in a wound. It eventually may help people self-diagnose illnesses, freeing doctors to focus on more seriously ill patients.

Scientists at the University of Rochester have yet to incorporate a sensor chip onto a gauze dressing but once completed, the bandage is expected to sense the germ and change color to alert a patient to the possibility of infection.”
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Fake Website Teaches Investors a Lesson

McWhortle Enterprises Inc. seems like the perfect investment for the post-September 11 world: a solid company, praised by analysts and customers, selling a handheld biohazard detector guaranteed to beep and flash in the presence of anthrax or other deadly germs.

Only one problem: The company doesn’t exist.

McWhortle Enterprises is a government hoax cloaked in respectability and planted on the Internet, waiting to deliver a lesson about the risks of online investing to unsuspecting consumers.
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