Microsoft’s New eHome Strategy

The idea of making your home an extension of Bill Gate’s computer network is alive and well. Thinking that Windows XP and the XBox were just stepping stones to total world domination, Microsoft unveiled new initiatives designed to further the company’s vision of turning homes into digital media networks linked to its software, video game machine and Internet services. More Here
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Underwater At Its Best

This is a far cry from the old deep sea diving bells. Deep Flight I is an experimental, one-person sub that was built to prove the concept of underwater flight and has broken through to an entirely new class of submersible craft which operate on the principles of dynamic wing forces and flight control rather than the static system of ballast adjustment and vectored thrust of conventional submersibles. More Here
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Money Tags

In a recent article in EE Times they talks about adding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to the Euro
paper money by 2005. The US government may be considering the
same thing. The article concludes by
saying that there are a number of challenges to overcome with putting RFID
tags into paper currency (cost and durability), but it is highly likely that
they will be added to passports. If this prospect doesn’t frighten you, it should!!!!!

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New approach to levitating trains

Lawrence Livermore scientists have recently developed a new approach to magnetically levitating high-speed trains that is fundamentally much simpler in design and operation (requiring no superconducting coils or stability control circuits), potentially much less expensive, and more widely adaptable than other maglev systems. The new technology, called Inductrack, employs special arrays of permanent magnets that induce strong repulsive currents in a "track" made up of coils, pushing up on the cars and levitating them.
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“Mapping the Future” with Gus Jaccaci.

In two weeks time, the local World Future Society is hosting a
five-hour seminar on “Mapping the Future” with Gus Jaccaci.

I first discovered Jaccaci’s METAMATRIX(R), or futures mapping
methodology three years ago at the World Future Society
national conference. Since then, his insights on how to take
for-profit or non-profit enterprises to a higher level of
innovation and service has revolutionized my consulting work.

I encourage you to spend Saturday, January 12th with Gus at the
Penrose House for the “Mapping the Future” seminar. Gus is a
dynamic workshop leader. The cost is just $19, including lunch.
The brochure text is below, or you can view our color brochure

Registrations must be postmarked by January 7th. Please
register today for this extraordinary workshop, and get ready
to map the future of your domain of service.

–Jay Gary
coordinator, World Future Society, Colorado Springs, 719-636-

P.S. Want more input before you register? Read Gus’ essay on
how nature can be a thinking tool relative to the future:

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Hot Shirt Smoothes Wrinkles

Its maker, Italian fashion house Corpo Nove, calls it “memory metal.” We call it high-tech fashion. The Oricalco shirt, unveiled this year, is made from a lightweight half-titanium alloy that recovers any preprogrammed shape with a simple application of heat. Crumple it up, stuff it in your carry-on, fall asleep wearing it — a simple blast from a hair dryer ren-ders it wrinkle free. Of course, you’ll pay for such couture: $4,000 (that’d buy a lot of irons). The company is now working on a shirt that automatically rolls up its sleeves in hot weather. More Here
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Worlds Largest Greenhouse

The Eden Project, which opened in March, is a botanical garden unlike any other. Instead of showcasing exotic plants, Eden tells the stories of plants that have played important roles in history, such as cotton and coffee. The facility itself, nestled in a former clay pit in southwest England, houses plants in a series of giant geodesic domes — one of which is the world’s largest greenhouse.
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Qwerty for Your Pocket

If your PC and PDA got together, their offspring might look like this: Sharp’s Zaurus SL-5500 is the first digital organizer with a full, hideaway keyboard. To access it, you just pull the top and bottom apart. The Zaurus, which was first demonstrated this year, also features a 320- by 240-pixel high-resolution screen, Compact Flash and SD card slots, and 64MB of memory. It’s the coolest case of convergence we’ve seen in years.
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