Number of Habitable Planets Increased

How many potentially habitable planets are there? New calculations by Lineweaver and Daniel Grether, both of the University of New South Wales in Australia, provide an encouraging answer to this question. The researchers expect a flood of Jupiters will be found, perhaps 50 percent more than currently expected. This work supports the notion that the human race cannot survive if all humans only live on one planet.
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World Future Society Annual Conference

The World Future Society will hold its Annual Conference at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 20-22, 2002. Approximately 1,000 participants are expected to attend. The conference’s theme is “WorldView 2002: Futures Unlimited!” In discussions, workshops, and informal conversations, you and other participants will grapple with the important issues facing us in the new millennium.
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Mass Extinction of the Un-Cute

If you’re an endangered species, it helps to be cute, spectacular, or
otherwise unique. Unpopular species don’t make it to “the list,” argues
botanist Mark Burgman of the University of Melbourne.

The snail is evidently popular in Tasmania, which includes 200 species
of Hydrobiid snails on its list of 650 threatened species.

Burgman believes that scientific bias toward listing these
more-interesting species, regardless of the threats to their survival,
may condemn a substantial proportion of the world’s less-interesting or
less well-known plants and animals to extinction.
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Report On China’s Space Plans

China, which first launched a satellite in 1970, has already launched several satellites for U.S. and Brazilian operators and is vying for a greater share of market.

To date, it has launched almost 50 satellites with a 90 percent success rate.

China hopes to launch about 10 satellites, rockets and spacecraft in 2002 as part of its space development program. More Here
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