Antimatter Atoms Captured – First Time Ever

NewScientist reports, “Researchers at CERN think they have created and stored thousands of antiatoms in a particle trap. The researchers first used powerful magnetic fields to trap antiprotons then exposed this to a beam of positrons. Initial results indicate that at least some of the antiparticles have bound together to become neutral antihydrogen atoms. How cool is that?”
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Robots Beat Humans In Commodity Trading

NewScientist reports, “Robots can make more cash than people when they trade commodities, according to Jeffrey Kephart at IBM’s research centre in Hawthorne, New York.”

Kephart says his team’s findings could have a much greater impact than the famous victory of IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer over chess supremo Gary Kasparov. “The impact might be measured in billions of dollars annually,” he says.

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Micro-Bull – No Bigger than a Red Blood Cell

SMH reportsScientists in Japan fashioned the model – the smallest sculpture ever created – using a sophisticated laser technique.

The “micro-bull” measures 10 micrometres long by seven micrometres high. One micrometre is equivalent to a thousandth of a millimetre.

It was constructed from plastic resin by two computer-controlled infra-red laser beams which traced its outlines.

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The World’s Smallest Deer

ABC News reports, “It’s about the size of a large beagle with thin, curving knife-like canines hanging from its mouth like a vampire, and it can bark for hours.
It’s not your neighbor’s pit bull puppy; it’s the world’s smallest deer. The species, weighing just 25 pounds and standing 20 inches tall at the shoulder, was found by Alan Rabinowitz of the Wildlife Conservation Society while on a 1997 biological survey in northern Burma.”
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Scientists Build Super Broadband Laser

Reuters reports that scientists at U.S. telecommunications giant Lucent Technologies said on Wednesday they had built the world’s first semiconductor laser that emits light over a wide spectrum of infrared wavelengths.

The laser, developed at the company’s Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, can be used to detect pollutants in the atmosphere, in medical diagnostic tools or in the future to produce semiconductor lasers for fiber optics.

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NASA’s Earth – Most Detail Picture Ever

BBC News has a story on how scientists created the most accurate and detailed image of our planet yet, composing the image from satellite data, and adjusting it for the correct colours. Composite satellite images showing the cloud-free Earth have been made before, but Nasa’s latest image beats all others in terms of accuracy and the amount of data that went into it.

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Bob Bemer – Inventor of the Hyperlink – Goes to War

Wired Magazine reports, “Nobody should be more outraged over British Telecom’s claim that it owns the patent to hyperlinking than Bob Bemer, who believes he may be the world’s oldest, living computer programmer.

Bemer, 82, isn’t just taking a political stance against the recent legal filing by British Telecom that claims the company owns a patent on hyperlink technology. In 1960, Bemer — whose coding contributions form the foundation of many modern computer systems — came up with a critical coding concept that is now used in hyperlinks.”

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