Artificial Womb Research

Dr. Yosinori Kuwabara and his colleagues, working in a small research laboratory at Juntendou University in Tokyo,are developing the first operational artificial womb – a clear plastic tank the size of a bread basket, filled with amniotic fluid stabilised at body temperature. For the past several years, Kuwabara and his team have kept goat foetuses alive and growing for up to 10 days by connecting their umbilical cords to two machines that serve as a placenta, pumping in blood, oxygen and nutrients and disposing of waste products. You just can’t get a good goat these days unless it’s been artificially wombed. More Here
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Software Radio

Vanu Bose, son of legendary speaker designer Amar Bose, has a dream of broadcasting software programs wirelessly to portable handheld devices. An example of how this would be used is a cell phone, where once the new program is downloaded, the phone would be loaded with a whole new set of capabilities.
Vanu, Inc is developing a software radio architecture for military radios which will allow each radio to be reconfigured to meet specific mission requirements. Think in terms of future cars with electronic dashboards that could be reconfigured according to individual driver’s wishes. More Here
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Chicken Soup for the Face Recognition Soul

Competing face recognition technologies have been under development for a number of years, but now two are starting to emerge as the leaders: local feature analysis, developed by Joseph Atick, who founded Jersey City, NJ-based Visionics; and eigenface, first demonstrated at Helsinki University of Technology, later developed at MIT, and currently marketed by Viisage Technology of Littleton, MA. It looks like the only way to defeat this technology is with a serious bar fight. More Here
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Nano-Barcodes for Biological Analysis

Kinda like super miniature grocery store scanners with checkout clerks inside our bodies. SurroMed’s “nanobarcodes” work much like conventional bar codes, except they are microscopic rods, striped with bands of gold, silver and other metals. “With nanobarcodes thousands of different tags can be added to a biological sample at once. A sample-reading device can then snap a microscopic image, and a computer can identify all the tagged molecules in the image by the nanobarcodes attached to them.” This one is long overdue. I can’t wait.
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Revolutionary Handheld Receiver – IC-R3

The IC-R3 by Icom is not your average handheld receiver. In addition to the new video capabilities that allow you to see the receiver’s operating status and spectrum scope, you can display broadcast visual information: TV program, picture from wireless cameras and more. The IC-R3 is great for sporting events, security, Amateur TV, and you can watch your favorite TV program at anytime, anywhere. This is a “must have” for the true gadget freaks. More Here
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Flexible Transistors Printed on Rolls

Rolltronics Corporation and its partner, Iowa Thin Film Technologies, envision building integrated circuits in a process as simple as printing a newspaper.

The two companies recently demonstrated the world’s first working silicon transistors made using a radical new “roll-to-roll” manufacturing technique. In this process, a continuous sheet of flexible polymer is unrolled from one spool, covered with circuit-board-like patterns of silicon, and collected on another spool.
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Methanol-Powered Micro Fuel Cells

Tiny little power plants, micro fuel cells, will soon be powering everything from cell phones to laptop computers to a host of other handheld devices. Even the best lithium-ion cell-phone batteries provide only about four hours of talk time while these micro fuel cells could provide up to 20 hours. No recharging batteries here, you just swap out methanol cartridges.
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