Wacky Technology of the Week Award – Robotic Slug Sucker

A team at the University of the West of England has created a slug-sucking robot, powered by methane.

“Slugbot” trundles around picking up slugs. The robot arm then dumps the creatures into an internal compartment.

“Further research is being continued by the team based on Slugbot’s self sustaining energy autonomy, this time using plant material rather than dead slugs.”
More Slugs Here
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Nano-Sized Chips

“A C-Net News story is reporting that HP has announced they have made breakthroughs that ‘help turn out powerful computers that fit on the head of a pin with room to spare.’ Also in the article, that the patent announced Wednesday, will produce no two chips that are the same. ‘Each one will be customized for a particular function,’ says Stanley Williams, the chemist on the team. The work was done by himself, Phil Kuekes, a computer architect, and James Heath, a UCLA professor. The chips use nanowires and the chips are said to be even less than the size of bacterium. Sounds cool enough. The biggest part of the breakthrough isn’t the chips themselves, but that HP plans to be able to ‘fix’ chips which come out with imperfections, thus saving money on an already cheap process.”
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What will the next generation Internet be like?

Search engine Google is growing so fast that it has to add 30 servers per day to keep up with all the new material appearing on the web. The demand for broadband connections is increasing annually by over 15%. The Internet 2 in the US will connect with Europe’s Géant for the start of a super fast network. Will there be a need for Internet 3? More Here
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Industrial Sensor Market To Cross $6.7 Billion by 2006

Trend Watch – Faster, cheaper, smaller, more accurate, and more robust — these are the attributes driving innovation in the field of sensor technology. The current downturn in manufacturing has momentarily affected industrial sensor demand. But in the long run, this is an area where ongoing innovations will make this a prime industry to be in. More Here
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Total Home Automation

To get the most out of your home entertainment investment, you need more than a large screen picture and a pile of remotes. Crestron Home makes wireless touchpanel that can automatically dims the lights, draws the drapes, lowers the screen and projector from the ceiling, and even start the popcorn popping to complete the cinema experience. At the same time, the kids can surf the Internet in the den and program music videos from the DVD jukebox. Or you can watch the big game on satellite TV while checking the camera at the front door for late-arriving sports fans. Cool Stuff! More Here
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Cool Home Award

Home Director, Inc., of Morrisville, N.C., recently won the “cool home” award for all the “hot” technologies it incorporated into a home in Plano, Texas. The company loaded the home up with the very latest digital wiring and components, including the “Intelligent Home” networking systems for Internet, entertainment, and communications applications, along with its structured wiring Network Connection Center. More Here

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