U.S. Increasingly Like Orwell’s 1984


Winston Smith would feel right at home. The latest from The Ministry of Truth Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Security ‘messages’ coming to Walmart, hotels, malls.

Shoppers at Walmart will soon have something other than glossy magazines and chewing gum to look at when in the checkout line: A “video message” from the Department of Homeland Security asking them to look out for “suspicious” activity and report it immediately…

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HOW TO Detect Hidden Video Cameras


Great way to spot these little privacy invaders

Instructables has just posted its latest installment in its collection of HOWTOs inspired by my new novel Little Brother, a young adult book about hacker kids who use technology to win back their civil liberties from the Department of Homeland Security.

This week, it’s instructions for building a simple device that will let you spot hidden “pinhole” video cameras:

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