Combination Brake-Accelerator Pedal Solves Accidental Acceleration Problem

Naruse Pedal

The combination Naruse Pedal always activates the brakes when a driver stomps down.

Two pedals, inches apart, one for gas and the other for brakes. For years, a Japanese inventor has argued that this most basic of car designs is dangerously flawed.  The side-by-side pedal arrangement, the inventor says, can cause drivers to mistakenly floor the accelerator instead of the brakes, especially under stress.


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‘Smart Pedal’ to be Installed in all Toyota’s by the End of 2010


Toyota will retrofit some models with the ‘smart pedal’

In the wake of a massive public-relations nightmare involving brake problems in its cars, Toyota is investigating two more reports this week of unintended acceleration in its vehicles. Both cases involved Priuses: one in Harrison, NY, that resulted in a crash, and the other on an interstate east of San Diego.


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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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Honda’s Ecological Drive Assist System

Honda’s Ecological Drive Assist System 

Honda is turning its 2009 Insight hybrid cars into acceleration nannies. This new Ecological Drive Assist System (EDAS) features a chameleon-like speedometer, turning blue if you’re driving too rambunctiously. It’s all in the name of saving the planet, encouraging drivers to ease off the throttle with an easily-seen color code.

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Elektro-Skate Electric Skateboard


I’m really starting to wonder if we, as human beings, are getting tired of doing anything requiring physical activity. I know that I rather like the conveyor belt walkways at theme parks and the cool-yet rather precarious-use of a Segue instead of walking.

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“Barnacle People” – The New Way to Hitch A Ride

“Hitch A Ride”

I think I perhaps found one of the craziest concept ideas that I have ever come across. Hitch a ride is a concept device which involves a belt and three vacuum suction cups. What Hitch does is allows you to take a running jump, backwards, at a car, van or anything else that moves and firmly stick your self to it to “Hitch a Ride”.

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