Fire Extinguisher


Its not fireproof but fire cool

Fire safety and prevention is some pretty serious business – something small can turn into something big rather quickly. Along those lines designer Sigrun Vik, a student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, is operating under an interesting assumption: We don’t use (or know how to use) our fire extinguishers because they’re unsightly and hidden away. Continue reading… “Fire Extinguisher”

Panel Calls for Less Emphasis on College SATs

 Panel Calls for Less Emphasis on College SATs

SAT and ACT scores have long determined whether you’ll get accepted into college

A commission convened by some of the country’s most influential college admissions officials is recommending that colleges and universities move away from their reliance on SAT and ACT scores and shift toward admissions exams more closely tied to the high school curriculum and achievement.

Continue reading… “Panel Calls for Less Emphasis on College SATs”

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