New Bone-Setting Glue Inspired By Sandcastle Worms


A scanning electron microscope image of two glass beads cemented together by a sandcastle worm and removed from the worm’s tube(inset).  Closeup connection using worm’s glue (large picture).

Shattered bones pose a difficult problem for surgeons, who currently must use tiny screws and plates to hold fragments in place long enough for the break to heal. But a new glue, which has the sticking power to adhere to bone, could one day help orthopedic surgeons fix difficult breaks, researchers announced today at the American Chemical Society conference in Washington, DC.


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Magnetic Duct-Tape


Much Better Than A Sticky Pickle

What’s better than duct-tape? Magnetic duct-tape! It couldn’t be any easier or more versatile: Just stick a few centimeters of the 19mm (3⁄4″) wide patented magnetic tape to the back of your photos, posters, calendars, etc. and a matching piece on the wall, the sloped ceiling, the fridge door, office cupboard, memo board, etc. The tape strips will stick to each other magnetically. And can be just as easily taken off again.

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Gecko-Like Adhesive That Lets Go

Gecko-Like Adhesive That Lets Go 

Special tips on gecko hairs can grip and release.

Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives. Now researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a new way to make such an adhesive grip and release as required, using angled microstructures. These structures mimic the tips of the hairs found on gecko toes, which give the lizard its prowess as a climber.

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