Automate and Control Your Air Conditioner with Your Home Network

AC front 342

Automate and Control your Coolness

We love home automation projects, and if there’s one thing we’d like to control during the hot summer, it’s the A/C. Hacker Erik shows us how to control an air conditioner with just an ethernet cable, a relay board, and some PHP.

As long as you know how to solder, this hack is remarkably easy…

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DEVap – 90% More Efficient Air Conditioner


DEVap cooling system

The National Renewable Energy Lab has Done It!  As Lloyd and other sensible people keep pointing out, if our buildings and cities were better designed, we would need a lot less air conditioning, and in many cases none at all. That should be goal #1. But because it’s doubtful that’s ubiquitous A/C is going away any time soon, it can’t hurt to make the technology more efficient (keeping buildings cool is using about 5% of the energy used in the US). That’s exactly what the engineers and scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have done.


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Unique Tree Shaped Air Conditioner

Unique Tree Shaped Air Conditioner

Breath – a tree shaped air conditioner 

Breath, an air conditioner by Ryuichi Tabu, is one unique kind of air conditioner that uses ground heat and the Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system for its functioning. Designed in the shape of a tree, this peerless air conditioner circulates air within a wider range with a double structure that controls airflow in its branches.

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Ice Bear Can Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Demand By 95%

Ice Bear Can Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Demand By 95%

Ice Bear Hybrid Air Conditioning System 

Ice Energy, a leading provider of distributed energy storage and smart grid solutions for optimizing energy system efficiency, has been awarded the Silver prize in the 22nd Excellence in Design Awards competition for its Ice Bear energy storage system. Sponsored by Appliance Design Magazine, the award honors creative and technically savvy product designs in the global appliance industry.

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Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

 Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

You’re sitting outside in the late summer heat, dripping buckets while you watch the kids frolic in the pool. Even if you’re getting a tan, it’s still miserable. Thankfully, now there’s the Bollard Cooler, engineered by Richardson-based IntelliCool. This whisper-quiet outdoor air conditioner can spew cool air across 250 square feet of your yard or patio.

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