Graphene – World’s Strongest Known Material

Strongest Known Material


Graphene, praised for its electrical properties, has been proven the strongest known material.

Materials scientists have been singing graphene’s praises since it was first isolated in 2005. The one-atom-thick sheets of carbon conduct electrons better than silicon and have been made into fast, low-power transistors. Now, for the first time, researchers have measured the intrinsic strength of graphene, and they’ve confirmed it to be the strongest material ever tested. The finding provides good evidence that graphene transistors could take the heat in future ultrafast microprocessors.

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Airplane of the Future



This beauty will cost you $139,000 and it can take off and land on water and/or dry land. The controls are more like a car than an airplane, which should make it easy for you to get around. It’s fold up wings make it easy to store this baby in a garage or even tow it behind your car while on vacation. It has a 32 foot wingspan otherwise. It should be available for sale in 2010.


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Tote Your Tot in Style


With summer upon us, families are traveling all over. Make the journey a bit easier with a TOTEaTOT!

Navigating a small child through airports and train stations is rarely an enjoyable experience. Especially when little ones grow tired, the crankiness can really wear on a mom trying to get the family to its destination in a timely manner. Not to mention luggage, strollers, car seats and the rest of the family, bring a toddler into traveling can seem like a recipe for disaster!


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