Oslo’s Methane-Powered Buses


Poo Gas Powered Public Transportation

In some cities around the US they’ve had buses that run on natural gas for a while now …. BUT these ones that are cruising down the streets of Oslo run on a different type of ‘Natural Gas’, the taco-bell type!

Kinda gross but really cool way to power a vehicle, like in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. It is available for free in huge quantities, is not owned by Saudi Arabia and it contributes minimally towards climate change.

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10 USB Gadgets to Keep You Warm


A Gaggle of USB Gadgets

No matter what item you’re about to buy these days, it feels like the USB option is always available. In this list of ten “gadgets to help you prepare for the upcoming winter season” you will be able to find everything from eye warmers to heating blankets – all powered via that popular universal serial bus.

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