Dialysis: An Experiment In Universal Health Care

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Jose Perez, 22, receives dialysis treatment at a clinic in New York.
Perez suffers from renal failure and receives
dialysis treatment three times a week.

Every year, more than 100,000 Americans start dialysis treatment, a form of chronic care given to people with failing kidneys. And for many, the cost is completely free. Since 1972, when Congress granted comprehensive coverage under Medicare to any patient diagnosed with kidney failure, both dialysis and kidney transplants have been covered for all renal patients.

But a new joint investigation between The Atlantic and ProPublica found many problems with dialysis in the U.S.: The cost of treatment is among the world’s highest, while the U.S. mortality rate for dialysis patients is one of the world’s worst. One in four patients will die within 12 months of starting treatment…

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